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  • ¡Oferta! El Aumento Vertical y Horizontal de la Cresta

    El Aumento Vertical y Horizontal de la Cresta


    Este libro describe con maestría las características clave del aumento de cresta vertical y horizontal, como la anatomía quirúrgica del piso de la boca, la reconstrucción de la papila, el colgajo lingual modificado y la preservación del nervio mental durante el avance del colgajo, aplicaciones de factores de crecimiento utilizados en conjunción con membranas perforadas, manejo de las complicaciones de la exposición a la membrana e infecciones de injertos, y una descripción paso a paso de la reconstrucción completa de la cresta maxilar severamente reabsorbida usando GBR con aumento sinusal simultáneo.

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  • ¡Oferta!

    Vertical 2. The Next Level of Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation


    In the author’s bestselling first book, Vertical and Horizontal Ridge Augmentation: New Perspectives, published by Quintessence in 2017 and translated into 12 languages, the guided bone regeneration (GBR) technique was described in detail. This new publication, Vertical 2: The Next Level of Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation, is a continuation of that book but at a more advanced level. Now, the author delves into the details where the devil lives, and shares information that has never been revealed before on the topic of vertical ridge augmentation. It is important to read this book armed with the knowledge from the first book as you will need it on this second journey with him.

    A major part of this book comprises full-color, step-by-step images of patient cases. At times, reading it is like watching a surgical video, where the author ‘stops the video’ to discuss with you, the reader, what he is thinking and doing at that step, what his next step will be, and the reason for it.

    Included again are the well-appreciated ‘Lessons learned’ sections, where the learning objectives are emphasized and further notes given, including ways to further improve the techniques. The section on the mandible is more detailed in this book, with the focus on larger defects and the different surgical steps in native, fibrotic, and scarred tissue types around the mental nerve during flap advancement.

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