Local Anesthesia in Dentistry: A Locoregional Approach

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Local Anesthesia in Dentistry: A Locoregional Approach provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of local anesthetics, including anatomic considerations, pharmacology, armamentarium, injection techniques, indications, contraindications, complications, novel anesthetics formulations, and more. In-depth chapters offer clear criteria and guidelines for patient care, supported by hundreds of evidence-based references. Alongside this, standalone appendixes are hosted on the book’s companion website. In these appendixes, the authors have distilled a wide body of research, summarizing the findings of the seminal studies in the field, including historical landmark studies and clinical trial data to support practical aspects of locoregional anesthesia discussed in the textbook.

This easy-to-use volume:

  • Provides students and professionals with a one-stop resource on local anesthesia in dentistry
  • Offers critical evaluations of research and literature on each topic and subtopic
  • Addresses all common local anesthetic techniques, including basic injection, mandibular and maxillary anesthesia, and local anesthesia in children
  • Features practical quantitative data and step-by-step information on situations encountered in daily practice

Designed to support all levels of dental professionals, Local Anesthesia in Dentistry: A Locoregional Approach is written by two highly experienced practitioners, making this authoritative resource a must-have for dentists, dental nurses, dental technicians, hygienists, specialists, students, and researchers. It is also a valuable reference for other healthcare providers looking to support future study.

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CHAPTER 1. History of Local Anesthesia in Dentistry
Applied Anatomy
CHAPTER 2. Applied Anatomy I: Maxillary Arch
CHAPTER 3. Applied Anatomy II: Mandibular Arch
CHAPTER 4. The Peripheral Nerve and Local Anesthesia
CHAPTER 5. Local Anesthetics
CHAPTER 6. Vasoconstrictors
CHAPTER 7. Injectable Anesthetic Solutions Used in Dentistry
CHAPTER 8. Contraindications for Local Anesthetic Techniques in Dentistry
CHAPTER 9. Contraindications for Local Anesthetics
CHAPTER 10. Contraindications for Vasoconstrictors
Instruments and Topical Anesthesia
CHAPTER 11. Instrument Set and Equipment
CHAPTER 12. Topical Anesthesia
Local Anesthetic Techniques in Dentistry
CHAPTER 13. Basic Injection Technique
CHAPTER 14. Maxillary Anesthesia I: Pulpal Anesthesia
CHAPTER 15. Maxillary Anesthesia II: Complementary Anesthesia of the Palate
CHAPTER 16. Mandibular Anesthesia I: Pulpal Anesthesia
CHAPTER 17. Mandibular Anesthesia II: Complementary Anesthesia
CHAPTER 18. Supplementary Techniques in Cases of Failure
CHAPTER 19. Failure of Dental Local Anesthesia
CHAPTER 20. Alternatives to Conventional Techniques.
CHAPTER 21. Local Anesthesia in Children
CHAPTER 22. Local Complications of Dental Local Anesthesia
CHAPTER 23. General Complications of Dental Local Anesthesia

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