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    30 Years of Guided Bone Regeneration


    With each passing decade, more research is done on GBR, and more surgeons begin adopting this practice with incredible results. Prof Daniel Buser has assembled a team of the top names in implant surgery to put together a comprehensive guide on the materials, indications, techniques, timing, and results of GBR. The book begins with the science of bone regeneration, describing how bone and soft tissue will react and behave under different circumstances, before delving into the different methods and uses of GBR based on the presenting scenario. How to properly time and stage grafting, implant, and prosthetic therapy is a major focus. Case examples are presented documenting each patient’s bone regeneration from start to finish, frequently with long-term follow-ups of 10 years or more. Emphasis is given to incision technique and flap design; the selection, handling, and placement of barrier membranes; the combination of membranes with autogenous bone grafts and low-substitution bone fillers; and aspects of wound closure. This book offers solutions for those who want to begin providing implants to a wider range of patients, for GBR veterans who want to refine their skills and practice more advanced techniques, and for implant surgeons who want to keep up to date with the most current research and technology in GBR.

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  • ¡Oferta! La Clasificación SAC en Implantología Oral

    La Clasificación SAC en Implantología Oral


    A lo largo de los últimos treinta años, el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías y avances en los procedimientos clínicos han dado lugar a una constante integración de la implantología oral en la práctica diaria. Los profesionales de la odontología han tenido que ampliar su competencia para poder ofrecer a los pacientes la mejor calidad asistencial. Sin embargo, la oferta formativa apenas ha puesto énfasis en la identificación del grado de complejidad y del riesgo que implican cada uno de los procedimientos. Para los clínicos, este es un importante obstáculo a la hora de proporcionar a los pacientes el tratamiento óptimo.

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